Spiritual Formation is a phrase used to describe maturing in faith for Adults. We want our children to grow up; Jesus grew up, and God the Father wants us to grow up too. The way God changes our lives is one of the most beautiful activities on this earth. When we think of “Saints” we might think of famous people like Mother Theresa and other saints we have heard of, but the New Testament is clear that we are all “Saints.” It is also clear that there are some practical and some non-practical activities that are essential for growth. Worship for many does not seem practical but is in fact a critical part of living before God our creator. The first step is very important, so after someone becomes a Christian—follower of Jesus through faith and then Baptism—they must be taught the Apostles teachings as in the New Testament (Acts 2:42). 


For our part in growth we break it down in three ways: GROWTH - SERVICE - GIVE


Jesus speaks to the very heart of our life about the things that are precious to us, asking us to involve ourselves in God’s purposes in this world and our neighborhood. To GROW we attend worship service, classes and small groups. These are all critical for fellowship and care. We learn to listen to each other and God together. Then we begin to SERVE and help others just like Jesus did with his disciples. We have a very selfish world and we work against that by serving others. We are better formed as we begin to GIVE of our time, talents and money. All three of those areas are important to us, so when we allow God access to our lives he begins changing us and the world around us. 

We have small groups three times each year; Fall, Winter and Spring. Adult class is Thursdays at 10 am. You can join a Ministry Team and learn to serve alongside others. You can attend Membership 101, 201, 301 and 401 and discover more basics of the believer, church and our mission in this world.

Two tips: 

  1. Never expect perfection—none of us are perfect.
  2. Most of us have discovered that God works in our mess—which is amazing. 

Welcome to Northside, God’s grace and peace through Christ as we journey together.

Pastor Tem Mattox