• Adults

    Adult Spiritual Growth begins with God: God spoke the world into existence which included us—so God is central to all we do. Jesus came to the world to save us—so being Jesus’ disciple is our focus. The Holy Spirit enters us at the new birth and gives us strength to live differently—so we learn to walk in the Spirit. To continue click here...

  • Students

    In a culture that upholds sin and diminishes the Word of God we have the privilege of being used as instruments to do what is right for the Glory of God. We have a deep love for students that surpasses our own capacity and stems directly from the love of God. We know the challenges and pressures that these formative years can put on a family, and it is our commitment to come alongside parents in raising their students. There is beauty in a group of students coming together and understanding the relationship God has called them to. We are here to pray for, guide, teach, disciple, and love students.

    This seems good for a basic description of why. The what and specific details can be found in the actual students page. If you want to add college that would be good but you seem to know the direction you want to take it better than I do.

    For more info contact Pastor David

  • Children

    We know Jesus loves kids because he said, “Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to people who are like these children.” Matthew 19:14.

    Here at Northside we believe that Children’s Ministry is a rewarding opportunity. We look forward to serving your Child. We believe that We feel the joy and the weight of the responsibility that parents have to bring up their children in the Lord.  Our hope is to partner with you in the critical work of parenting.

    It can be difficult to leave your children in a new place, and we want to help you through this process. We strive to create a safe, nurturing environment for your children from birth through 6th grade. A place where they can have fun learning biblical truths.  To continue click here...

  • missions

    Mission—taking the message of Christ to the world—is at the heart of God. We are affiliated with God’s mission on an international level with the IMB (International Mission Board)— sending thousands of missionaries around the globe. On a national level we support NAMB (North American Mission Board)—missionaries that work in the US and Canada. On a local level we work with many Kern County churches helping to reach and minister to our home town.

    We work with many local service groups helping with food for the needy, clothes for the cold, Rescue Mission and Homeless shelter serving meals, local recovery programs and the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center. Mexico mission work was a steady part of our church for some years. We have worked with a variety of projects from Afghanistan to Iraq. We have mission projects for High School and College age during the summer. The Disaster Relief Team is always training workers here in California to minister to people devastated by natural or other disasters. They have worked with the Red Cross at 9/11, New Orleans, tornadoes and other disasters around the country and in our own state providing food and care to those hurting. 

    Someone is always in need of care and the message of Jesus Christ. We can all look out our doors and see someone in need.

    On Mission Together,

    Pastor Tem Mattox